5 Facebook Apps for Android You Must Have

How many of you know that Facebook has some really good applications that can be downloaded on your android? Most people limit their apps for angry birds or messenger or whatsapp. But here are some really cool Facebook apps for android that can be downloaded and used. Mind you, these are not gaming applications. These are some really good utilities that can help you in various ways.

So, here are the top 5 Facebook apps for android.

1) Facebook messenger

Not many people are fond of Facebook messenger. However, I am definitely one person who likes to send any quick messages to my Facebook friends. I am sure there are quite a few people who like to be connected on Facebook even if they are not in front of their computer. This app helps them send an instant Facebook message from their mobile phone. You can also attach photos and send it along with the Facebook message.



2) Go! Chat

Go! Chat is another cool chat application for android. This gives you the best features of Facebook chat on your phone. This helps you to chat and share content with your Facebook friends, such as videos, photos, voice notes and so on. You can also create chat groups for your friends or tag them as favorite for easier access. This app is a simple hassle free way to use Facebook chat on your phone.


3) Facebook Checkin: Smart Places

Would you like your Facebook friends to know where you are at the moment? Facebook Checkin helps you do that. This not only helps you “check in” your current location (similar to the online Facebook checkin), but gives a totally different experience to your checkin. You can auto-check in for periods of time which you can later view to determine where you were and for what duration. The best part: It can show you any recent checkins of your Facebook friends on a Google map. You can also configure notifications to see if any of them checks in close by.

4) Seesmic App

Seesmic is definitely one of the best Facebook apps available. It is the best place to manage multiple social networks in one place. You can view and update multiple social network accounts like Facebook, Google buzz, twitter and others from one place on one handset. You can also upload photos or videos on Facebook, Youtube, Plixi and other platforms simultaneously.

5) Facebook for Android App

Imagine connecting to the internet from your phone every time you want to log onto Facebook. How would it be if you had a Facebook app on your phone instead which you can directly click to log onto Facebook? This is exactly that application. Though I am not a huge fan of this application (it does eat into the phone memory and battery power), it is the simplest way to use Facebook on your android.

These are some of the Facebook apps for android I personally like. Which ones would you consider using for your android? Do share here.

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