A New Free App Will Allow You To Tap Into Facebook Traffic

Advertising and traffic are the life-blood of internet marketing. A website without traffic is about as much use as a shop without customers. In fact, they are both the same. On the way to closing down!

Advertising needs to be aimed at attracting traffic to your website. That is its sole purpose on the internet. When a shop advertises, it can be advertising any of the products that it sells or the services that it provides. It does not really advertise the shop, although it wants people to come to the shop to buy.

When you are advertising on the internet you must channel all your efforts into getting people to click on the link to your website, either your own or an affiliate site. It is the website’s job to sell the product.

So how do you attract all this traffic to your website? Well of course there are numerous ways to try to channel traffic to your website and they all vary in difficulty, amount of time and effort needed and the money required.

I’m going to concentrate here on the social site, Facebook and how it can be used to channel traffic to your website.

As you know, Facebook now attracts millions of viewers worldwide. If you could tap into a fraction of that traffic, you would be able to grow your business at quite a swift pace. But the question is how to tap into this traffic, because Facebook has quite strict rules.

You are allowed to use Facebook pages for business, so how can this help.

Well there’s a brand new app available that enables its users to connect their Facebook fanpage with their WordPress blog. So you’ll need to set up a WordPress blog as your website to advertise your business.

But exactly how powerful is this new app and what does it do?

It will enable you to share the content of your blog posts with your Facebook fans, so that you can send all your business information to them.

As more fans join and they share your information with their friends and so on, your business could be going viral. You can keep your fans involved by introducing all sorts of other information and occasionally slip in more information about your business. In this way, you’ll keep your fans interested and the numbers of people getting your business information will be growing day by day. That is, you are getting traffic by an indirect route and that traffic will keep growing.

And that’s where the Page Press App comes in. It connects your WordPress blog with your Facebook fanpage so that you don’t have to do it manually each time. It’s one of the few apps that work for a Facebook fanpage.

Once you’ve set everything up you’ll be able to share all your content and connect with your Facebook fans and you won’t even have to log into your Facebook account because the app automates the entire process for you.

Can you imagine how much traffic you’ll be getting? And the more traffic you get, the more money you’ll make. The best part is, the app is FREE. So get it today and really get your business off the ground!

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