Facebook for Windows Mobile: A review


The most famous social networking site now comes as an app for the Windows Mobile. But we already had a mobile Facebook site, so why the app then? Well, the app has many advantages over the mobile site. For one, the app is faster than the site since it does not have to load every time. And then it sits on your phone and always stays on, letting you connect effortlessly with your friends all the time. If you have been missing Facebook, when you are away from the internet, it’s time to get this app on your phone.


The application features a minimalist interface which is good since it helps easy navigation. The Facebook app comes with the important tabs of Facebook Home, Profile, Friends and Inbox, placed at the top of the app. What’s more, you can also update your status on the top, just like you can in the Facebook website.

On starting the application, the login page appears. On successfully logging in, the application takes you to the Home tab. The different tabs can be summarized as:

1. Home:

Home has the following sub tabs:

a. News feeds:

News feeds let you know the latest about you and your friends. This page is similar to the home page of the Facebook website.

b. Status updates:

Updates related to statuses are displayed under this tab.

c. Photos:

This tab has the photos of you and your friends just like in the website. You can comment on photos and even tag photos which make them easier to spot in a group picture.

2. Profile:

While the home tab focused on aggregating information, this tab is about you. The sub tabs under Profile are:

a. Wall:

The wall has every single piece of information about you and your friends.

b. Info:

Info is where you can update your profile information.

c. Photos:

This Photos tab only has images of you and not of everyone as in the Home tab.

3. Friends:

If Profile was about you, Friends is about, you guessed it, Friends! The friends tab shows an alphabetical listing of all your friends. You can “view profile” of your friends or even message them, email them or write on their wall directly from the application.

4. Inbox:

Inbox is further divided into:

a. Inbox:

This tab has messages received from friends.

b. Sent:

The messages sent by you are stored here.

c. Notifications:

Notifications are pieces of information about your friend’s activities related to you like status updates.

d. Requests:

Requests are exactly what the word implies. Every time you are invited by a friend or a group, the request lands up here.

5. Phonebook:

The last tab is probably the best. It lets you connect over voice with your Facebook contacts without having to go back to the contacts page of your phone.


The Facebook app for Windows Mobile is an excellent step by Microsoft to recognize the potential of Facebook. The app is far better and much more detailed than the other versions of Facebook available online. Moreover it is free to download and the single cab installs runs without any problems. Though new users may find the navigation a bit confusing in the beginning, the application grows on you in due course of time. Though there is no dearth of free software in today’s world, a good app is hard to come by. The Facebook app is one such and should be downloaded without much ado.

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