The Facebook API for Android Review – Recommendations on Creating Your Own Facebook Android App

If you really want to know more about the Facebook API for Android, then you have arrived at the right site. As we all know that presently the Facebook (FB) users are increasing continuously and the number of daily active users carry on growing too. But, have you ever asked yourself to create your own app through FB rather than using the standard features like update status, wall-to-wall post, upload pics and vids and play social games. Thus, let’s pay attention to the following post about Facebook API for Android overview to be able to create the app on your own.

Before we start with the explanation about Facebook API for Android, it’s good for you to know first what the Facebook API is exactly. API (Application Programming Interface) is actually a feature that has been given to the FB developers so that they can develop their own applications and then use the app on the FB page. As a simple example, the social network-based games like Zynga Poker or Words with Friend are developed using this kind of API. As a matter of fact, no programming skill required in order to create or develop the basic application using this useful FB feature. By using the FB API, people can also add the FB to their own site in order to build the social and personalized website.

Now, we will discuss regarding how to utilize the Facebook API for Android on Windows platform. Initially, you’ll need to install the Android SDK, Eclipse Plugin, and Git on your own computer. Then you will have to clone the GitHub repository. After you have installed all of them, open Eclipse and then create a new Android Project. Afterwards, you’ll use this project for the FB Android SDK source and then reference it from the application. Thus, you simply must get the content by picking “Create project” from existing source and then specifying the FB directory from the Git repository.

When the SDK project has been produced, after that you can create your own app. To accomplish this, you need to create a new Android project and then after it’s created you’ll have to add a reference to the Facebook SDK project. Just after the FB SDK is referenced, the app manifest needs to be adjusted to allow the app to make network calls to Facebook itself. Then, you will have to export the signature for your application to make sure that users are only communicating with your application on the Android. This operation can only be done by running the key tool.

The last thing that you’ll need to know about Facebook API for Android is the way to install the app appropriately. To install it successfully, you must debug your own application in the Android emulator by making use of the binary image. Do not forget that your own application will still work correctly even though you have not installed this image. It is also recommended to utilize the default platform dialogs for “Sign in” rather than utilize the FB App that will require you to “Sign in” at the time you run the application in the emulator.

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