The Top 10 Most Effective Facebook Apps

Many of us want to know exactly what reputable Facebook Apps are really in the market. With the Facebook timeline having settled into the chests and minds of a large number – but business owners are nevertheless wondering the best to maximize their pages. Here we will take a look at 10 of the most well known Facebook applications that are hundred% compatible with timeline, to effectively build up your social presence on the web.

1: A Facebook Forum

“In the event that your fans love to chat so much that they need a forum, add the app to your Facebook page. It’s well worth it for market research, and an improvement in fan discussion.”

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2: Scribd For Portfolio Sites

If you need to impress your fans with pictures, slideshow presentations, PDF’s, documents and other portfolio items, use the Scribd app for Facebook. Your fans will really like it.

3: Google Maps

Incase you run a brick and mortar establishment, and count on a lot of ‘walk-in’ traffic – make it simple for your fans to discover your store by including the ‘Google Maps’ app in your timeline.

4: Involver RSS For Pages

Have you been looking for a good blog app? Use RSS for Pages, and your fans will be able to review your blog directly from your Facebook tab.

5: The Pinterest App

If you’re a big Pinterest fan, then use your Pinterest profile to your business page. Your fans will be able to see all of your great marketing-orientated images.

6: The Contact Tab

The Contact Tab Demo Company provides a great contact form user interface, which includes all of your contact info, maps, social icons, URLS and more – all in one place. It’s great!

7: YouTube Video Application

If you have a YouTube feed, then your feed needs to be on Facebook. The good news is that your video is much larger than it used to be, across the entire page.

8: Twitter App

A Twitter app on your Facebook page is a must-have, to give your Facebook fans some quick and juicy info from your business. Just remember, don’t link your Twitter and FB accounts!

9: FAQ App

If you’re a law firm, accountant or web design service – your business needs a FAQ segment. Add this app to your Facebook timeline, so that fans can have simple access to your details.

10: Customize

Get a Facebook app developed that will supplement your businesses presence. As an example, if your main goal is to sell your ‘ebooks’ then get an app built that does this for you.

Every one of these ten Facebook app suggestions can amplify your social presence in the eyes of your fans. When you make the effort to build a great timeline profile, it will pay off! Facebook has become more and more like a social ‘website’ for your business – so make use of it!

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