iPhone Facebook App with Timeline Review

Among the apps I personally use the most is Facebook’s iPhone application. They have really come along way since the first version. And they appear to be set on making it as equivalent to the website as they can. However anyone knows the space on a small screen is not the identical to a large one. That being said the iPhone application does still give a very real Facebook type experience plus increases it based on the fact that there are things you can do when you’re out with an iPhone that you really can’t do sitting at a desk someplace. You have your news feed, messages, events, friends lists, usage of any Facebook fan pages which you have setup, photos, groups, chat, marketplace, etc…etc…. It actually is a pretty complete experience. One of the things that you can try on the Facebook iPhone app you can’t do at home is take advantage of the “Nearby” feature. This feature takes advantage of the iPhone’s GPS along with the Facebook check-in feature to let you know who’s close to you on your friends list. It’s pretty cool so long as you don’t mind people also knowing what your location is. But if you wanted more anonymity you wouldn’t be checking in everywhere and letting society be aware of your whereabouts now would you. So I believe it’s pretty cool and adds up to some fun social activities.

On the list of newest features of the iPhone Facebook app certainly is the addition of the all new Facebook “Timeline”. The timeline is actually your history on Facebook, from the day you joined until the current day, arranged chronologically inside a timeline which you and all of your facebook friends can enjoy. It’s cool but still scary as well. Again proving once more that after you put information online it will always be online someplace. I’m a bit of a junkie for the new and also cool so i kinda enjoy it having said that I can see folks who don’t like change being not very happy about it. The cool thing is for now you don’t need to change to the timeline. But after you do you’re in it permanently. So ensure that you actually want to transition to it before you decide to do.

Overall I truly enjoy using the Facebook iPhone application and most people I know who use it also find that it’s useful and fun. So I would recommend this to the facebook addict who owns an iPhone. There are mobile versions for the other mobile phone platforms way too but since this really is about iPhone apps that’s all i’m going to say regarding the subject.

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